This Year’s BostonFest Has Live Entertainment, Games & More

BostonFest is returning to the Seaport World Trade Center for another fantastic annual event!  Source: BostInno via Facebook

The weather in Boston during the summer is close to perfect, and when you mix it with good food and music, it's hard to resist.  The Seaport World Trade Center in the heart of Boston will be the site of BostonFest.  The event, taking place on August 13th, gives the perfect reason to head out of your Waltham apartment for the evening.  Early bird tickets … [Read more...]

Taste Great Ice Cream and More at Melt Gelato & Crepe Cafe

Melt Gelato & Crepe Cafe is a great place for anyone looking for a bite to eat or a frosty treat.  Source: Melt Gelato & Crepe Cafe via Facebook

The Melt Gelato & Crepe Cafe is the perfect summer spot. Stop by after dinner for an excellent dessert, or as head there for a special weekend treat. While gelato is the house speciality, you can get much more than that at Melt Gelato. Choose from sorbetto, yogurt, panino, wraps, crepes, smoothies, salads, and coffees. For a truly sweet tooth, … [Read more...]

There’s Something For Everyone at the Waltham Public Library

There's always something going on at the Waltham Public Library. Source: Waltham Public Library via Facebook

Visiting your local library is a great way to unleash your inner book worm. Waltham Public Library offers more then rows and more rows of books. The library also holds and host many different activities and events to encourage reading and creativity for all ages. Family movie is just one event your public library host. Families can go to enjoy and … [Read more...]

Top Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals in Waltham

The Kindness Animal Hospital, Waltham Veterinary Hospital, and the New England Veterinary Oncology Group are some of the top veterinary centers and animal hospitals in Waltham.  Source: Kindness Animal Hospital, Waltham Ma via Facebook

Going to the doctor is no fun for people, and going to the vet is no fun for pets. However, the best animal hospitals make vet visits easier for everyone all around. The top veterinary centers and animal hospitals in Waltham will make everything better for your cherished pet. Kindness Animal Hospital is one of the oldest animal hospitals in the area … [Read more...]

Your Stress Will Melt Away with a Trip to Blondie Salon and Spa

The Blondie Salon and Spa is a great resource for anyone looking for the royal treatment.  Source: Blondie Salon and Spa via Facebook

There is nothing quite like a nice haircut, massage, or facial to melt away stress. You walk out looking and feeling renewed. You can experience this at Blondie Salon and Spa. The highly trained stylists offer a range of services for hair, skin, and nails. Come in, forget about your worries, and enjoy some time to yourself. Whatever you want to do to your … [Read more...]

Active Paws is an Amazing Pet Care Resource

Active Paws is a terrific pet care and exercise resource found near your Waltham apartments.  Source: Active Paws via Facebook

Do you get nervous leaving your pet alone in your Ridge Apartment during the day? We recommend hiring Active Paws as your new pet sitter. Your pet will be in the hands of warm, certified individuals. This pet care resource offers dog walking and a playgroup, which is perfect for getting your dog the exercise and socialization he needs. The walk will take … [Read more...]

Stay Hydrated and Healthy When You Exercise Throughout the Summer

Here are some tips to help you stay hydrated despite the summer heat here in Waltham.  Source: Pixabay

Summer heat is on its way and, let’s face it; you are going to be out there in it.  You want to be at the pool, lake and even to the ocean front or exercising.  You know you need to wear sun block, but what about hydration?  Lots of water is usually the answer, but, you may not like that taste, plain.  What to do? Some tips to help you stay hydrated … [Read more...]

Sculpt your Body with These Great Core Strength Exercises

Here are some core strength exercises to help you get great abs and hit your fitness goals.  Source: ShutterStock

Are you ready to sculpt your body using core strength exercises? In order to get the body you want, you have to be willing to put in the work. To sculpt your body and get great results, try these core strength exercises. Below are a few exercises to give you the abs you want. Spider-Man Plank – Get in the plank position. Bring your right knee up to … [Read more...]

Break the Rhythm of Typical Dinner Fare at Tempo Bistro

Tempo Bistro boasts an expansive and innovative menu that you won't find anywhere else.  Source: Tempo via Facebook

When living in apartments near restaurants in Waltham you'll find that you have lots of options when you decide to go out for a meal. But when you want something delicious and unique in a fun yet semi-casual setting, you'll want to head to Tempo Bistro! Located on Moody Street, Tempo is open for dinner six nights a week (Monday through Thursday from 5pm … [Read more...]

Eat Good and Feel Good with These Healthy Recipes

Here are some tasty and healthy recipes that you'll want to cook-up in the kitchen of your Waltham apartment.  Source: Pixabay

Use the beautiful kitchen in your Waltham apartment to create easy-to-make, healthy meals that will also make you feel good. To help get you inspired in the kitchen,  here are four healthy recipe ideas to try: Make a quick chickpea and vegetable stew that takes only 30-minutes to create. This stew is a one-pan meal that has zucchini, chickpeas, carrots, … [Read more...]