Beginner Tips for Using a Stationary Bike

Beginner Tips for Using a Stationary Bike

Follow these fitness tips to stay safe while using a stationary bike.

Creating a workout to use in your fitness center at The Ridge isn’t difficult, though safety should always be on your mind.  And, part of accomplishing your goals can be easily attained by using a stationary bike.  This handy tool is great for engaging in an aerobic routine that enhances your appearance, as well as overall physical fitness.  Here are some tips on using a stationary bike, safely!

When you begin straining on the bike, make every attempt to alternate between your cycling speeds.  The more that you change up the speeds, the better cardiovascular results will be achieved.  In addition, you will not get bored with your cycling exercises.

The first time that you work out should be kept to about ten minutes, increasing the duration each session.  This will allow your heart, leg muscles and lungs to get in sync with the exercise routine.

According to the American Heart Association, you should gradually increase your stationary bike workouts to 30 minutes.  The intensity of the riding should be about moderate intensity.  If you are interested in enhancing your heart’s health, ride your bike about five days a week!

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